Facilitate human development and growth in a manner that is socially acceptable, economically feasible and environmentally sustainable through a socially responsible enterprise !!

Genesis and philosophy

In an era where the world has been striving to achieve growth and development and to provide quality of life to its citizens....

In the era where there is aninstitutional boom;In the era where sector and non sector players are competing to create niche for themselves;In the era where economic development,poverty eradication and limiting natural resources has become a key concern!!

We have made a modest beginning… two well experienced and dedicated minds came together to contribute to fill a big void in the development sector we have envisioned a social enterprise that;cater to needs of a consulting firm; undertake research and development work; implement projects with a genuine concern for the most deprived in rural and urban areas has professional capacities

to make this place – earth - a better place to live!!! We believe in - ‘thinking globally’ and ‘acting locally’ and therefore – all actions, at every level, counts!!!

The logo signifies the “two hands” holding the mother “earth”- supporting and nurturing it!! The logo also signifies the “vision” that the organization has envisioned for itself by applying approaches that are essential for achieving sustainable development, eradicating poverty, improving health of the citizens and to make this place – earth - a better place to live !!!